Hydrated Lime


  • Calcium hydroxide, commonly referred to as hydrated lime, stands as a versatile substance with a historical application in construction spanning millennia. Its attributes render it a vital element across a diverse array of uses, encompassing soil reinforcement, masonry, plasterwork, and serving as a binding agent within asphalt and concrete compositions.

  • Derived from limestone, hydrated lime manifests as a finely powdered, white material. The manufacturing process involves subjecting limestone to elevated temperatures, yielding quicklime (calcium oxide). This quicklime is subsequently blended with water, resulting in the creation of calcium hydroxide, or hydrated lime.

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Utilization of Hydrated Lime in Construction

  • Enhancing Soil Stability

    Frequently employed for soil stabilization, hydrated lime bolsters the resilience and steadiness of feeble soils. Through amalgamating hydrated lime with soil, it heightens its malleability, permitting compacting to forge a robust foundation for construction. This approach is notably advantageous in regions susceptible to soil erosion, such as inclines and embankments.

  • Masonry and Plaster Enhancement

    As an additive in masonry and plastering, hydrated lime ameliorates the maneuverability of mortar and deters fissures. It also curtails contraction during the drying process, engendering a more enduring culmination.

  • Asphalt and Concrete Binding

    Apt for use as a binding agent in asphalt and concrete, hydrated lime, in conjunction with other substances, engenders a resilient structure. Particularly beneficial in hot-mix asphalt, it refines mix maneuverability and diminishes the likelihood of fracturing.

Benefits of Hydrated Lime

  • Resilience

    Hydrated lime exhibits formidable durability, defying the elements and rendering it an optimal asset in construction. Its resistance to weathering, erosion, and chemical encroachment establishes it as a dependable and enduring material.

  • Adaptability

    Demonstrating versatility, hydrated lime serves various roles across an array of applications. Its flexibility renders it apt for projects spanning from substantial infrastructure undertakings to minor reparations.

  • Eco-Friendly Attributes

    An eco-conscious choice, hydrated lime boasts sustainability and widespread availability. It maintains a modest carbon footprint and can be recycled, appealing to environmentally mindful construction projects.

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